Meet the face
behind the posts

We're the face of change, real change. Not those who have been promising for decades that they would balance the budget, stop overspending, clean up the massive amounts of waste, stop the pork barrel projects, "drain the Swamp", solve poverty, clean up the environment, etc. etc. etc.  Every election cycle, it's just a different set of promises, believing everyone will forgot the last set of promises.       

 The real problem. There are people in positions of power that are effectively stopping the change and  making sure the status quo continues, we call the Deep State, the swamp that was supposed to be drained by the last grand promise. Of course it's always the other Political Parties fault, because they have to blame someone or some thing for their failures. Why make the promise then?    

The notion that the people inside the system, those elected and hired into the bureaucracy are going to change the system, is about as naive a proposition, as trying to get Julian Assange, who exposed massive levels of corruption, out of prison by relying on the very same people involved in the corruption. If you think your guy or gal is the next great savior of the Republic, we have a bridge for sale.  Are you interested.